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公司公告: 潍坊凯润塑胶有限公司是一家集生产与销售为一体的塑料软管生产厂家,产品主要以PVC螺旋钢丝增强软管、纤维增强软管、单层透明软管、高压管、花园管、水带、塑筋管等七大系列几十种产品为主。
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    Weifang Kairun Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier in plastics hose business. The company running a wide range, and our main products include PVC braided hose,PVC steel wire hose, PVC high-pressure spray hose, PVC garden hose, PVC suction hose, PVC layflat hose, PVC clear hose and so on ; specification complete, excellent quality. Our products are mainly used for drawing and conveying air, water, oil and powder in agriculture, industry,engineering ,foodstuffs and so on.

    With strong technical force and powerful products innovating capacities, all specifications of products can be customized according to customer requirement.

The company is owning the right of import and export , covers an area of 100 acres, with modern standard workshop 10,000 square meters ,50 production lines, annual output capacity of  20,000 tons. 
    Currently we are export the products to the united states, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Australia, India, Philippines, Malaysia and more than 30 countries and regions.
    The company is located Chengnan Industrial Park of Changle County, Shandong Province with convenient traffic, which is 25 km west of weifang ,far from Jiaoji Railway way 6 kms and Jiqing Express way 12 kms.

We warmly welcome your visiting, and have enough confidence in the quality products and reasonable prices to bring customers more profit.

    Choose us, choose a sincere friend, choose us is to choose a reliable partner!!! 


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